About the PPIA Publication

In 2021, the seminal publication Promoting and Protecting the Arts and Cultural Expressions of Indigenous Peoples: A Compendium of Experiences and Actions, was thoughtfully organized and co-edited by Tony Belcourt, Heather Igloliorte, and Dylan Robinson. This milestone publication featured contributions from over 30 individuals, who share their stories, reflections, and experiences on critical dialogues in Indigenous arts appropriation and Indigenous art protocols.

This compendium weaves together first-hand experiences and diverse perspectives on promoting and safeguarding the arts, cultural expressions, and artistic practices of Indigenous Peoples. By sharing invaluable knowledge and insights, the contributors shed light on real-life encounters and current challenges posed by the misappropriation of Indigenous arts, cultural expressions, and artistic practices. This volume promotes a shared understanding of the issues and challenges of cultural misappropriation at the local, regional, national, and international levels. 

At its core, this volume addresses a shared understanding of the complexities surrounding cultural appropriation in art, across Canada and internationally. By acknowledging the negative sociocultural impacts of misappropriation locally and globally, the book aims to encourage productive/constructive conversations and the implementation of practical solutions/dedicated action plans in the face of these challenges. 

We gratefully acknowledge the support of Canadian Heritage, which made this  publication possible. Recognizing the ongoing importance of this work, Canadian Heritage continued its invaluable support to the Indigenous Futures Research Centre in 2022, further nurturing the essential/indispensable/pivotal conversations initiated by this timely/important publication.

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